How to plot parabola in Python

 How to plot parabola in Python

Code for python user friendly

import matplotlib.pyplot as plt
import numpy as np
x  = np.linspace(-50,50,100)
y = x**2

code for matlab user friendly

from matplotlib.pyplot import *
from numpy import *
x = linspace(-50,50,100)
y = x**2

first two lines are just modules whose work are graph plotting and math calculation

linspace (-50,50,100) it means counting start from -50 then next no. is -49 and so on till 50
or just type print(x) after linspace line. The reason counting start from -50 so that it start from negative x axis and move to y axis

x**2 here ** means raise to the power

plot(x,y) as it name suggest it plots the graph

show() for non jupyter user they need to add this line to show the grah 

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