What is Shear Plane Angle in machining and its derivation

 What is Shear Plane Angle in machining and its formula derivation

What is Shear Plane Angle in Tool Machining?

It is defined as the plane angle at which the chip is start separating from the workpiece during the metal cutting operation.

With the help shear angle you can calculate cutting force , friction force , shear force, surface smoothness and efficiency of metal removal process

Derivation of Shear angle in machining calculation 

Geometry of Orthogonal chip formation


Let shear plane angle is denoted by `\phi `

Let Rake angle is denoted by  `\alpha `

Let thickness of chip before cutting is `t_{1} `

Let thickness of chip after cutting is `t_{2} `

Let chip thickness ratio (chip thickness before cutting /chip thickness after cutting) =`r_{c} `

from the figure we can see right angled triangle ABC

`\frac{BC}{AB} = sin \phi    `

= `AB = \frac{BC}{sin \phi } =   \frac{ t_{1} }{sin \phi} `   ........(1)

From right angled triangel ABD,

`\frac{BD}{AB}  = sin(90- \phi - \alpha ) = cos( \phi - \alpha )`

` \frac{ t_{2}}{AB}  =cos( \phi - \alpha )`    .......(2)

From equation (1) and (2) , we get

`\frac{ t_{1} }{sin \phi } =  \frac{ t_{2} }{cos( \phi - \alpha )} `

put the value of  `t_{1}` and t2 in chip thickness raito

= `r_{c} =  \frac{t_{1}}{t_{2}}  =  \frac{sin \phi }{cos( \phi - \alpha )} =  \frac{sin \phi}{cos \phi cos \alpha +sin \phi sin \alpha}`

= `\frac{r_{c}cos \phi cos \alpha}{sin \phi } + \frac{r_{c}sin \phi sin \alpha}{sin \phi} =1`

= `\frac{r_{c}cos \alpha}{tan\phi } + r_{c} sin \alpha =1`

= `\frac{r_{c}cos \alpha}{tan\phi } =1- r_{c} sin \alpha`

= `tan \phi  =  \frac{ r_{c} cos  \alpha  }{1- r_{c} sin \alpha } `

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