Reverse Linked List in Java


In this blog we will learn how to do reverse of a linked list in java and understand the logic behind it.

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class Node<T>{

T data;

Node<T> next;

Node(T data){ =data;



public class Testing{

// function to do the sum of my linked list

public static Node<Integer> reverse(Node<Integer> head){

Node<Integer> pre = null ,curr = head;

while(curr!=null) {

Node<Integer> temp =; = pre;

pre = curr;

curr = temp;


return pre;


public static void print(Node<Integer> head) {

while(head!=null) {

System.out.print(" ");

head =;



public static void main(String[] args) {

//create my linked list

Node<Integer> a = new Node<>(1);

Node<Integer> b = new Node<>(2);

Node<Integer> c = new Node<>(3);

Node<Integer> d = new Node<>(4);

// create the relations; =c;;

System.out.println("Before Reverse");



System.out.println("After Reverse");




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