Electromagnetic Flow Meters

 Electromagnetic Flow Meters

An electromagnetic Flowmeters is used to measure the flow rate of conducting liquid by using Faraday's Law.

Working of Electromagnetic Flow Meters:

In this, a conducting fluid is passed through the electromagnetic flowmeter which generates a magnetic field.When the conducting fluid pass through this field it generates emf(electromagnetic force), emf can be calculated by the magnetic field and fluid velocity. By using Faraday's Law

e =kBLV

e = induced emf
k = proportionality constant
B= Magnetic Flux density in gauss
L = distance between electrodes
V = Velocity of Fluid

The distance between the electrodes depends is depends on the inner diameter of the pipe and the velocity of the conductor is proportional to the mean flow velocity.Non magentic pipe are used to prevent shotcircuiting the induced voltage and to make sure that magentic field properly penetrate through the conducting fluid

Advantage of Electroflow meters
  • No obstruction to the flow
  • High accuracy
  • High reliability
  • Can handle contaminated liquid with grease, slurries and liquid containing suspended water

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