Classification of Steam Turbine

Classification of Steam Turbine

The steam turbines can be classified in several ways lets look

  • Direction of Steam flow:
    Axial Turbine: Those turbines in which steam flow parallel to turbine shaft axis. Example Kaplan turbine ,Propeller turbine
    Radial Flow : Those turibne in which steam flow perpendicular to turbine shaft axis .Example Francis turbine older version
    Mixed Flow
    : it is a mixture of axial and radial flow

  • Number of Pressure Stages:
    Single Stage Turbine :  Which have one or more velocity stages They are normally use where small power capacities is required Example Centrifugal compressor ,blowers etc
    Multistage : They are used where heavy work load is required

  • Steam conditions at the inlet of turbine
    Low pressure turbine
    Medium Pressure turbine
    High Pressure Turbine

  • Number of Cylinders
    Single Cylinder Turbine
    Double Cylinder Turbine
    Three Cylinder Turbine
    Four Cylinder Turbine

  • Base on the action of Steam:
    Impluse turbine
    Reaction turbine

  • Base on Heat Drop/exhaust Conditions:
    Condensing turbine with generators: In these turbines in which steam pressure is less than atmospheric pressure is directed to a condenser.
    Back pressure turbine
    Topping Turbines
    Back Pressure turbine with steam extraction from intermediate stages at specific pressure
    Low-pressure turbines
    Mixed pressure turbines
  • Method of Governing
    Turbine with throttle governing
    Turbine with by pass governing
    Turbine with nozzle governing

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