Basic Forging Operation

 Basic Forging Operation

  1. Upsetting : When  a force is applied in such a way that reduce the thickness or length of the stock but increase its diameter or width it is called upsetting

  2. Heading : It is same as upsetting but only certain part will get the force and deform (whole stock not deformed in this one)

    example : Nut head

  3. Fullering : In this force is applied at the center of the stock to increase its length.
    example : railway track beam

  4. Edging : In this operation force is applied in suh a way to distrbute the metal longitudinally. the main purpose of this is to reduce excess material
    example : forging of connecting rod

  5. Cogging / Drawing Down : This is similar to fullering but in this case force is applied at one end NOT AT THE CENTER LIKE FULLERING

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