Ring Rolling

 Ring Rolling

Ring Rolling

It is a process Shape Rolling

What is Ring Rolling?
It is a process in which a hot metal of billet of the thick cylindrical shape of smaller diameter is converted into bigger diameter by using rolling and transverse force

How Ring Rolling is done?

In this process, a hot metal billet is placed outside the pressure roll/mandrel. The hot metal cylindrical is supported by Drawing Roll (it is fixed it can only rotate about its own axis only when an external force is applied) and Guide Rolls (to make sure the ring is in circular shape they guide it). When the pressure roll/mandrel rotates it moves towards the Drawing roll that causes compression of the ring as shown in the animation video below. The Drawing Roll remains in its original place it just rotates due to force exerted by the ring and mandrel/pressure roll

Application of Ring Rolling
  • jet engines
  • jet turbines
  • paper mills and more

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