S - N curve explanation

 What is S N curve ?

S - N . It is a stress (S) and number of cycles (N) . Basically it means what is the no. of cycles it can take at a given stress

Why there is need to learn it ?

S - N curve help to determine the life of our product we can calculate what is the no. of cycle or life our product can live.

How does we get this curve ?

Take your job or product apply a load (stress) on it. And see how after how much no. of cycle it can work . when the stress is low we see a very high life product similarly when the stress is high  you will see a very low life as shown in the figure. this is very beneficial where calculating the  life of expensive material or product is difficult because of there high cost . All we need here is to make a curve and use that standard to calculate the life of the product at various stress point

we use interpolation method to calculate the product of the life S N curve
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