What is broaching ?

Ans : Broaching is a machining process in which a multipoint tool (called 'broach') whose teeth can remove desired material from the job in a single stroke.

Different terms in broach

1.Root Diameter : Diameter of the broaching tool

2. Front pilot : The front pilot assures correct axial alignment of the tool with the starting hole, and serves as a check on the starting hole size

3.Roughing teeth : It has high feed and the main purpose is to remove the material quickly from the surface of the job 

4. Semifinishing teeth : It has low feed its purpose to give surface finish

5. Finishing teeth : It has the lowest feed from all .The main purpose is to make surface near to the dimensions tolerance

6.Overall lenth : It is the total length of tool

Advantage of Broaching compare to other process:

  • It has very high production rate capacity as compare to planing, boring etc
  • Good Surface Finish and High dimensional accuracy
  • Everything is done in a single stroke
  • Best tool to make square, rectange or other cross section shape inside in the part/job
  • Low skill required
Disadvantage of Broaching
  • High force required to do the operation
  • Partial holes can't be make you need to through holes
  • If a cutting tip damage it reduce the quality and dimensional accuracy of the broach
  • Only suitable for large scale production only
  • Broach tool is made of expensive material (high speed steel and making to desired cross section increase the tool cost)
  • They cannot be use for very big parts
  • Low cutting speed
  • Good quality of fixture is needed to hold the job . thus increase the cost

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