what is shrink-fit?

Shrink fit basically means fitting a part into a slightly small hole or cavity . since this can be done by force only so stress generate

what are the shrink fit analysis where they are used?

the most common example is fitting a shaft into a hole. here if you make your shaft COLD (Liquid nitrogen is normally used) it diameter will reduce (thermal expansion and compression thing). since your dia is now smaller than hole you can place into the hole  . after sometime your shaft will come to normal temperature so the diameter try to increase and shaft will be tightly it in hole . now the expansion it can't able to do it (hole diameter is less than shaft so when shaft try to reach its original diameter it will face compressive stress). due to that stress will generate and in this article we are going to learn how to calculate that stress

Step1 . make an assembly make sure that interference is occurring (shaft dia > hole dia)

hole diameter is 50 mm

shaft diameter is 50.24 mm

step2. Assign the material to your shaft and hole as per the requirement. (i apply plain carbon steel)

step 3. Now go to fixture and click select the bottom as shown in pic and make it fixed 

step 3 Now go to connections delete the default bonded contact . we are going to define our own . right clikc on connection and click on component contact 

step 4 . click on the type and select shrink fit and select the outer face of shaft and dia of hole as shown in the pic

Step 5 . Now go to the advanced fixture(fixture advisor below you will find this option) . select the face of the shaft of and move downward . now move downward in translation select axial and enter 0 mm (0 means that there is no translation movement is happening in shaft if you don't provide you might get the wrong results)

step 6. Now click on run this study

step 7 . Shrink fit analysis results 


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